• Unleashing the Limitless Potential of
    Decentralized Applications.

    The High-Performance Blockchain System based on Asynchronous Consensus Zones

  • Conquer the Blockchain Trilemma

    Having a high-performance blockchain system is a challenge - some would even say it’s impossible. Various consensus algorithms have been invented to solve the trilemma, but no substantial lift up has been achieved. Asensys attacks (and conquers) the trilemma with a unique perspective. We have identified that the root cause of the blockchain performance issue is repetition -- every single node is duplicating the workload of the entire network, unless decentralization is sacrificed.

    Our solution divides and conquers the workload of the entire network with consensus zones. Transactions are processed in parallel and ledgers are maintained in partitions. Both throughput and ledger capacity scales linearly with number of zones, with just constant overhead, which makes it possible to have 10k+ TPS and carry billions of users and their activities. This goes beyond sharding, without reliance on beacons or root chain. All zones are equal, independent, homogeneous and fully decentralized.


    Boundless Scalability

    Linearly Scaled Throughput and Capacity by Parallel Zones


    Uncompromised Security

    Attacking on Any Single Zone is as Hard as on the Entire Network


    Fully Decentralization

    No Beacon Chain, or Centralized Coordination Required.

  • Asynchronous Consensus Zones

    Our key invention is to divide the workload of the entire network into multiple non-overlapped zones. This allows parallel transaction processing and distributed workload of state representation and execution to be realized in a fully decentralized without a beacon or a root chain.

    Eventual Atomicity

    This is the key consensus protocol that allows massive parallelism with constant overhead. Our programming language PREDA, is delicately and thoughtfully designed for this.

    Chu-Ko-Nu Mining

    This key protocol ensures security of our system with massive parallel transaction processing when the entire network is divided into multiple zones.

    Consensus Zones in Parallel


  • Monoxide: Scale out Blockchains with Asynchronous Consensus Zones

    Academy Research

    Our solution is based on peer-reviewed research paper published from the top conference on computer network (NSDI'2019): "Monoxide: Scale out Blockchains with Asynchronous Consensus Zones"

  • Product Features

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    Blockchain System with High Throughput and State Capacity

    In Asensys, workloads are distributed across consensus zones. There is no accumulating increasing workload on individual node. Any node with moderate bandwidth and computation can join the network as a part of the network.

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    Parallel Relayed Execution Architecture

    Parallel Relay-and-Execution Distributed Architecture (PREDA) adapts functional programming model for defining asynchronous cross-chain transaction logic and state with ease.

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    Recurrent Transaction Model

    Asensys supports efficient automatic recurrent transaction, which enables minable token offering, repetitive payment, subscription monetization and flexible staking rewards

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    Programmable Signing

    Flexible signing and customization transaction validation beyond multi-signing. Our technology is also designed for social private key recovery and enterprise key management.

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    Random Number Generator with Consensus

    Asensys offers random number generation in smart contract based on block entropy with consensus, which is resistant to manipulation by block creators.

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    On-Chain Persistent Storage

    Asensys enables large data files to be stored on-chain for robust persistence without accumulating storage workload on individual nodes.

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    On-Chain Namespace

    Asensys is shipped with a built-in programmable namespace system, which allows user-friendly naming for addresses, contracts and DApps.

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    Fully Decentralized Applications

    DApps on Asensys are deployed not only with their smart contract, but also their WebApp asset for UI. This delivers a self-contained experience of DApp being fully decentralized without relying on centralized DNS and Web hosting.

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